Manual Therapy & Movement Training

Restore Manual Therapy & Movement Training is physical therapy that specializes in personal attention and individualized care.  Our approach to physical therapy and wellness is patient-centered, with 100% one-on-one care designed to give patients the maximum benefit from each and every session.  At Restore, we strive to maintain an environment that is warm and welcoming, so you will feel comfortable on your journey to better health and long-term wellness.

We are passionate about offering comprehensive, long-term solutions to decreasing pain and improving health through a unique combination of traditional physical therapy, manual therapy and Pilates-based movement training, leading to better alignment, postural awareness and movement patterns.



Working with Shannon has changed my life.  I’m pain free for the first time since my surgery in 2015….

There were three major injuries which Shannon Skelton helped me through…

Shannon, I just want you to know I am so very thankful for you and how you share the gifts God has given you…