Shannon, I just want you to know I am so very thankful for you and how you share the gifts God has given you.  I think of you often as I do my exercises, but this morning I was overwhelmed with gratefulness as I thought back over my recovery from my herniated disc….  I am SO GRATEFUL I did not have to have surgery.  Thank you for your work on my body; for your teaching, directions and knowledge about what to do and for your compassion and encouragement just when I needed it.  Your wisdom and spiritual insights really helped me through the long, painful and at times discouraging and frustrating recovery process.  May God encourage you and bless you this day!

- Barbara H.

Shannon has helped me through several injuries.  I was in bed for three months with a back injury in 2008 without the ability to move.  Little by little, she got me to a point where I had no pain, then progressed to get me walking.  Today, I am fully recovered.

I incurred a concussion six years ago.  A pipe had struck me in the head rotating the first and second vertebrae in my neck.  My cerebral spinal fluid was not getting its full flow causing headaches, dizziness and brain fog.  Shannon diagnosed the problem after several medical doctors and chiropractors could not.  She worked the muscles and fascia in my neck and, over time, the issues went away.

Shannon Skelton is THE medical individual who has helped me work through every major injury in my life.”

- Mark H.

Working with Shannon has changed my life.  I’m pain free for the first time since my surgery in 2015.   Her professionalism, compassion and attention to how I was feeling each time we worked together were amazing.  With her continued work I am hoping that we can address the many issues that aging bodies sometimes experience.

When we work together, we are a team, improving my flexibility, pain and balance.  Shannon explains what she is doing and why; then she helps me develop a plan for next steps.  It’s not just about what we do at the therapy center; it is about the whole person and assisting me in taking control of my health.

- Leigh J.